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South End Victorian houses

Here we present the dollhouses, collectable architectural style models, representing miniature versions of a victorian brick style of a corner street house in Boston, USA


The Bostonian streets in the famous neighborhood of South End inspire this scale model. It includes three houses on its splendid Victorian brick style. You can build this model in two different scales,  with a complete set size of 22x12x8” or 55x30x20cm (WHD) in 1/4” (1/48) scale or 110x60x40cm in 1/2” (1/24) scale

Even though Boston is one of the oldest cities of the U.S.A., it is at the same time one of the best preserved as far as its historical heritage.  Well-known by its red brick buildings, old gas lights and cobblestone streets, Boston gives the idea that time has stopped.  It is an excellent city to leave the car and to walk it through.

The architecture of the city of Boston is one of the world’s most elegant examples of Victorian style. It is a city of neighborhoods, from the little Italy in the North End to the bohemian South End, combining historical buildings with other remodeled ones, or with new constructions that blend in perfectly with the rest, as if they’d always belonged there. Boston is like a museum, outdoors, filled with a unique architecture that reflects the evolution of this art throughout history.

Three individual models collection that represent part of a typical street of the city.




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