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Seven sisters

"Alamo Square – SAN FRANCISCO, USA

We invite you to live a relaxing and motivating experience that will transport you to the world of miniature architectural styles; a true paradise that you will be able to admire in the living room of your own home. Come, and let yourself -like us- be bitten by the miniature bug.

Laser cut kits to be assembled. All scales:  1:87"; 1:48", 1:24" and 1:12"
web-Conjunto San Francisco-87

web-San Francisco 4-87SFDH 4_87- Alamo Square Twin 4-1:87" scale (HO)


You will be able to become the architect of a miniature world and build city inspired dollhouses of the most beautiful cities on earth, with your own hands.

Our miniature world covers Mexico, USA, England, and Canada

Here San Francisco's set of Urban Houses in Alamo Square, victorian style "Queen Anne"

Four individual models that represent part of a typical street of the city.



 Kits to be assembled
Available scales: 1:48, 1:24 y 1:87
Dimensions 48th scale: 6.16x11.6x10.4 in; 15.4x29x26.4 cm.
Dimensions 24th scale: 12.32x23.2x20.84 in; 30.8x47.4x52.1 cm.
Dimensions 87th scale: 4.8x8.0x7.2 im; 12x20x18 cm.
Raw Material: MDF (Médium Density Fiderboard); acrilic; formica
Levels: 3 levels + subsoil
Description: Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, athic and garage.
web-2005-04-26 053 
Sloping grownd only in 1:48" and 1:87" scales
web-2005-04-26 059