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Alamo Square 2-1:48"  E-mail

San Francisco dollhouses

SFDH 2_48- Alamo Square 2-1:48" scale

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The second one from the bottom of the slope

U$S 120,00

(with engravings)


(american dollars)

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web-SF2-48-c  web-SF2-48-d  web-SF2-48-e

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Kits to be assembled
Assembled dimensions 48th scale: 6.16x11.6x10.4 in; 15.4x29x26.4 cm.
Raw Material: MDF (Médium Density Fiderboard); acrilic; formica
Levels: 3 levels + subsoil
Description: Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, athic and garage.