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¿PORQUE ESTE HOBBY? Why this hobby?

The most wonderful feelings

• a very relaxing and rewarding experience
• My other love affair
• Pride, pleasure and accomplishment
• Delightfull time, pleasure
• Tremendously satisfying
• Bond together to form a huge family
• Miniaturists are my best friends in the world
• Save my sanity, help me through some rough times
• An escape from the pressure of the world and my job
• Availability of information, always hungry for more information
• Serius adult leisure activity
• Miniatures as a profession and a way of life
• Creating wonderfull scenes that everyone enjoys
• The opportunity to learn about history,
• facts about the present world we live in, and travelling
• An obsession
• Completely and hopelessly addicted
• Found my niche
• Slip away into my own little world when I need to
• Opening up a whole new world to me
• willing to share information
• Catching miniatures virus
• Miniature heaven
• Small wonders


• Beauty, elegance, delightfull
• Escape, slip away, relaxing, rewarding
• Dreams, heaven, wonders
• Totally realized, satisfaction, pride, pleasure, feelings of accomplishment
• Addiction, obsession, virus, love affair
• Creativity
• Learning, culture, history
• Nostalgia

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